Pride and Power Festival 2022

Our Disability Pride and Power Festival was a Smashing Success! Thank you to all who came and contributed.

Here are the events that took place:

Image shows the disability pride flag against a black confetti background with the caption “Disability Pride and Power Festival”

Past Events for The Disability Pride and Power Festival July 2022:

Our Festival featured the following events:

  1. “What We Thought Was Good For Us”

Smashing Barriers

Thursday 30th June, 2022


Cherry Orchard Community Centre

Smashing Barriers mixed impairment disabled theatre company and Disability Action Collective presented this play directed by Isolde Ó’Brolcháin Carmody.

Poster image shows the title “What We Thought Was Good For Us” Produced by Smashing Barriers Drama Collective, against a red curtain and stage background.  In association with Disability Action Collective.

  1. Disability Power Ireland Launch

Friday July 1st 2022


Online Zoom

Image shows a rocket ship shooting from the clouds into the stratosphere and a black starry galaxy, with some guest names in stars including Blessing Dada, Emilie Conway, Sarah Fitzgerald and Paddy Smyth. The title reads “Disability Power Ireland: Launch, Friday July 1st, 7.30-9pm” In the top left corner a purple planet with rings like Saturn, and in the top right corner the DPI logo.

The Launch of Disability Power Ireland took place online and featured speakers from the organisation and guest speakers including:

  • Eileen Daly; Disabled Activist and Life Coach
  • Blessing Dada; Disabled Activist, Writer and Mental Health Advocate
  • Sarah Fitzgerald; Disabled Activist and Writer, Former Secretary of Independent Living Movement Ireland
  • Emilie Conway; Founder of Disabled Artists and Academics (DADA), jazz singer and disabled campaigner
  • Grainne Hallahan; Disabled Theatre Maker, Actor, founder Irish Aphasia Theatre- (disabled theatre Co.), Irish Para Horserider, DPI Committee Member
  • Isolde Ó’Brolcháin Carmody; disabled artist and activist, dancer, playwright, creator of Webspinners disabled writers’ group, Vice-Chair and DPI Events Coordinator
  • Catherine Gallagher; PhD Researcher, Disabled Activist of ‘Catherine’s Law, DPI Communications and Research Officer
  • Nem Kearns; Co-Founder of Neuro Pride Ireland and Anti ABA Alliance, Secretary of Disabled Women Ireland, DPI Outreach and Liaison Officer
  • Gillian Kearns; Co-Founder of Neuro Pride Ireland, Disabled Activist
  • Peadar O’Dea; DPI Policy Officer, Disabled Activist and Lecturer in Disability Studies
  • Saoirse Smith; Founding Member and Secretary of DPI, Disabled Activist and Comedian
  • Roisin Fitzgerald; Disabled Activist, DPI Outreach and Liaison Officer, Member of Clare Leader Forum
  • Maryam Madani; Chair/Founder of DPI, disabled activist, writer and singer

A Youtube link to the recorded launch will be posted in the coming weeks.

3. A Beginner’s Guide to the UNCRPD and Article 27 Employment

Monday July 4th



Online Zoom

Image shows the Disability Flag or Flag of the Rights of Disabled People, used for the United Nations. It is linked to Disability Pride and the struggle for disabled people’s rights. It has three horizontal stripes in gold, silver, and bronze, to represent the Paralympic Games.

Image also reads “A Beginner’s Guide the to UNCRPD and Article 27 Employment”, In Partnership with Clare Leader Forum, and has speakers’ names on the side”

This educational event in partnership with Clare Leader Forum attempted to give a beginner’s overview of human rights and disability as expressed in the UNCRPD, with a particular focus on achieving our rights on Article 27, Employment.

Speakers included: Ann Marie Flanagan and Peter Kavanagh from Clare Leader Forum DPO, Patrick Flanagan from Independent Living Movement Ireland, and DPI’s Policy Officer Peadar O’Dea

This event was be hosted by DPI and Clare Leader Forum’s Roisin Fitzgerald, an intellectually disabled activist who organised the event.

4. Unearth: Close Contact

Undercurrent Collective Dance Company

Saturday 9th July


In- Person and Online Live Stream from The Dock Arts Centre, Carrick-an-Shannon. 

Alt text: Image shows wheelchair dancer Isolde O’Brolcháin Carmody on a darkly lit stage with details of the “Unearth: Summer Tour 2022”

Promo Video:

Website Link: Unearth: Close Contact | undercurrent (

This live performance and installation by Undercurrents Magnetise Collective, explored the human experience of touch and re-emergence and features wheelchair dancing.

It was live-streamed for DPI on Friday 9th July, and is available to view here: (11) Unearth – Live Stream – YouTube

5. “Disabled Joy” Art Workshop

Monday 11th July


Online Zoom


Poster shows the words ‘”Disabled Pride Month: Art Workshop with the Autistic Art Club and Disability Power Ireland. All disabled people are invited to come along and create art on the theme of: “Disabled Joy” whilst also learning about some the wonderful disabled artists in our history.”

At this arts workshop by Zoe McCormack of The Autistic Art Club, participants created art on the theme of “disabled joy” whilst learning about some of the wonderful disabled artists in our history. This workshop was for anyone who identifies as disabled and/or neurodivergent.

6. Accessible Theatre Workshop

Irish Aphasia Theatre- Disabled Theatre Co

Tuesday 12th July



In Dublin Pride Hub and Online Via Zoom

To Attend please email or call (086) 062 1393

Image shows Irish Aphasia Theatre Co Members including IAT chair and DPI founding member Gráinne Hallahan in a yellow dress.

This theatre workshop looked at our empowerment through accessible arts and theatre exercises in a supportive safe space.

IAT Shows/workshop Link: Irish Aphasia Theatre – 2018/ 2019. – YouTube

Website Link: Irish Aphasia Theatre (

7. Comedy Night

Headliner Therese Cahill; Saoirse Smith, Robbie Ford and several special guests

Wednesday 13th July

Bow Lane Social

Image shows the disability pride flag against a black sparkly background, with images of four of the comedians including Headliner Therese Cahill, MC Saoirse Smith, and comedians Ian Lynam, Elle Felicity, and Robbie Ford.

8. A History of UK and Irish Disabled People’s Movements

Friday 15th July


Online Zoom

Image shows the new epilepsy-friendly disabled pride flag with diagonal stripes in red, yellow, white, blue and green, each representing a different category of impairment, in order: physical impairments, cognitive and intellectual disabilities, invisible disabilities, sensory perception impairments, and mental illness. The diagonal band represents our “cutting across” barriers that separate disabled people, and creativity and light cutting through the darkness. The text also reads: “A History of the UK and Disabled People’s Movements, Friday 15th July, 7.30-9pm, Online Zoom, Chaired by Peadar O’Dea with guests Dennis Queen and Gill Crawshaw.

This panel discussion and presentation on the history of the fight for our rights featured disabled activists from both the UK and Ireland including DPI’s Peadar O’Dea and guest speakers Dennis Queen of DAN (Disability Action Network) and Gill Crawshaw, a disabled activist and singer-songwriter.

9. What is Disability Pride and Power?” A History of the Disability Pride Movement

Chicago Disability Pride Parade and DPI

 Thursday 21st July, 8pm Irish Time, 2pm Chicago Time

Online Zoom

Image shows the new disability pride flag with five diagonal coloured stripes for different impairments, against a charcoal background. In the top-left corner, the Chicago Disability Pride Parade logo, and in the top-right corner, the DPI logo. In the bottom right corner, a girl on a wheelchair in vibrant red and blue with raised fist using a speakerphone, and in the bottom left corner, an image of hands of different skin tones holding up the earth with yellow flowers and stars.

This evening of international solidarity celebrated and discussed the history of the Disability Pride Month and movement with our friends from Chicago Disability Pride Parade, two days before their own parade in solidarity.

Speakers for the panel discussion were: Justin Cooper and Bill Thomasson, Ph.D., from Chicago Disability Pride Parade, and DPI Chair/Founder Maryam Madani

This event will take place at 8pm Irish Time, and 2pm Chicago Time, on Thursday 21st July.

What Is Disability Pride & Power? With Chicago Disability Pride Parade image
Image shows Justin Cooper on his chair, wearing sunglasses and a black and blue graphic t-shirt, holding a camera.

Chicago Disability Pride Parade Website:

Register For this Event by Eventbrite Here: What Is Disability Pride & Power? With Chicago Disability Pride Parade Tickets, Thu 21 Jul 2022 at 20:00 | Eventbrite


10. Am I/Can I Identify As Disabled? Storytelling Workshop

Friday 22nd July


Online Zoom

Image shows two pictures of storytelling facilitators Daria Walsh and Maryam Madani against a coral pink background with images of a phoenix and various books with fantasy scenes popping out of them including a fairy mushroom house, a lake with a moon, and a castle on a hilltop.

This storytelling workshop, facilitated by Daria Walsh in partnership with World Storytelling Day Ireland, and co-facilitated by DPI’s Maryam Madani, examined themes of empowerment and identity through the art of storytelling.

Register at Eventbrite here:

Am I/Can I Identify As Disabled? World Storytelling Day Ireland and DPI Tickets, Fri, Jul 22, 2022 at 7:00 PM | Eventbrite

11. Pimp My Limbs and Mini TikTok Workshop

Saturday 23rd July


Merrion Square Park (Meet at the Oscar Wilde Statue)

Image shows the new disability pride flag with five pastel diagonal stripes in red, yellow, white, blue and green, on a charcoal grey background. In the top-right corner, the Disability Power Ireland logo with a lightning bolt, in the top-left corner, a group of disabled people in colourful clothes, one in a chair, another with a cane, one with a leg prosthesis, another with an arm prosthesis, and another with crutches. In the bottom right corner, a man with a leg prosthesis and a cane, in the bottom left corner, a mobile phone with the TikTok logo

The Pimp My Limbs Workshop is back by popular demand! This time, as well as bedazzling our crutches, canes, chairs and assistive devices, we also followed it with a mini TikTok workshop for participants to show off their newly glitzed works of art! This workshop was the festival finale.

After-Party with Clare Leader Forum: “What Clare Has to Offer”

Friday 29th July

11.30am to 2.30pm

Cloughleigh Community Centre, Ennis

Image show splashes of vibrant colour in green, purple, red, charcoal and orange. Small white text at the top reads “Clare Leader Forum in collaboration with Disability Power Ireland and Clare Public Participation Network present” followed by the Clare Leader Forum logo and the title: “What Clare Has to Offer- featuring The Ukrainian Choir and Paddy Mulcahy; July 29th, 2022, in Cloughleigleigh Hall, Ennis 11.30am to 2.30pm. At the bottom, a note that there will be a 5 euro admission charge to cover expenses.

DPI took a road trip to Ennis to meet our friends in Clare Leader Forum who organised this festival after-party for us, featuring live music from Paddy Mulcahy and many special guests!