Disability Power Ireland’s 9-Point Program

We are a non-partisan social movement for the people, by the people, who seek to draw attention to issues in the disability rights movement, and redefine perceptions of disabled people through the vehicle of arts and culture.

Our 9-Point Program is an homage to the revolutionary energy and self-determination goals of groups such as the Black Panthers and STAR. In doing so we hearken back to the radical roots which resulted in the LGBTQIA+ pride parades we have today, to revitalise the disability rights movement

1.    We Want Self-Determination for Disabled People

We want the freedom to make real choices for how we want to live our lives, and real opportunities for employment, housing and independent living. Services must be person-centred, granting as much autonomy to the individual as possible. As a DPO, we want to see greater participation of disabled people in the disability sector, policy and decision-making and at all levels of society.

Nothing About Us Without Us!

2.    We Want Decent Housing and Deinstitutionalisation

We defend the right to live independently in the community (Article 19 UNCRPD) and true deinstitutionalisation. For this to happen the government must vastly increase social housing builds to end the housing crisis in Ireland. The housing crisis disproportionately affects disabled people, who are 2/3 of the homeless population in Ireland.

Housing is a Human Right!

3.    We Want A Fully Accessible Society

We want to see universal design and the removal of all systemic accessibility barriers in transport, culture, infrastructure, emergency homeless accommodation and more, in accordance with Article 9 UNCRPD

Access for All!

4.    We Want Legislation for the Right to Personal Assistance

We call on the government to recognise and increase Personal Assistance Services hours to provide for this right, which is a prerequisite to independent living

PAS Now!

5.    We Want Integrated Education

We want all children and adults to be supported to participate in mainstream education. Education must be desegregated for disability to be normalized and for disabled people to be fully integrated in society.

Education not Segregation!

6.    We Want an Anti-racist Society

We want equal opportunities and an end to the direct provision system and other forms of discrimination against all migrants, travellers and people of colour, including disabled ones.

End Direct Provision!

7.    We Want Full Reproductive Rights

We seek the right to full reproductive choice including in the case of disabled people, the right to have children and families, as well as to abortion. We condemn forced sterilisation and demand fully accessible healthcare.

Our Bodies Our Choice!

8.    We Want An End to Limits on the Right to Work

We seek an end to discriminatory limits on our right to work that prevent us from taking up work, scholarships, or accepting arts or festival grants without losing our supports. We want such supports, including medical card and free travel pass, to be made available to all disabled people and artists regardless of income.

9.    We Want to Change the Narrative

We want to ensure that disability is understood through a social model and affirmation model lens and seek an end to the representation of disabled people based on charity, medical, horror and tragic model understandings.

Piss on Pity!

Written by Maryam Madani, November 2021