Scrap the Green Paper Protest Tues 12th March

A white person with bright red hair sitting in a wheelchair under a cherry tree. They are wearing ear defenders, a bright red dress and a red mask. They are talking into a mic with one hand animatedly raised in the air, holding a protest sign that says “Tiering Us Is Ableist”. Text reads: Disabled people demand the Irish Government: Scrap the Green Paper on Disability Reform Protest! March 12th, O’Connell Street, 12pm

The March 8th Referendum was a David v Goliath victory for the disabled movement! Let’s keep the momentum going!

Knowing that our focus would be on the referendum, there are many who say the timing so close to the Green Paper submission was deliberate.

The disabled community are exhausted from having to fight this last battle, but if you are able, please join us to keep turnout impactful for a pre-submission deadline protest this Tuesday 12th March, 12pm in the centre of O’Connell St.

The Green Paper will have a direct effect forcing 84% of disabled people to engage with untrained Intreo workers in order to keep our already basic disability supports. It is even more outrageously in contravention of the UNCRPD including its categorising of disabled people based solely on our capacity to work with zero acknowledgment or attempts to remove the social and workplace barriers to employment that disabled people face.

We will be there shouting at the top of our lungs, with colourful banners, and refusing to be ignored.

We will not allow this Government to keep attempting to quietly slip discriminatory policies in under our noses.

Change Comes from the Ground, led by the people. It always has and it always will. ⚡

The Scrap the Green Paper Coalition Organisers (pictured below) are representatives of:

Neuropride Ireland

Disability Power Ireland

Disabled Women Ireland

Access 4 All Ireland

Supporting DPO Members of the Coalition include:

Clare Leader Forum, Chronic Collective, DADA (Disabled Artists and Academics), #EDS4IRE, Long Covid Advocacy Ireland

Other Supporting Members of the Coalition include:

Trinity Students Union, ROSA Socialist Feminists, Project Arts Centre, Praxis Artist Union, ME Advocates Ireland, , UCD Students for Sensible Drug Policy, Bi+ Ireland, Wexford Pride, Dundalk 4 Change, USI- Union of Students in Ireland

Image shows 5 of the Organisers smiling with their fists raised. From left to right, Daniella Bella, Cír Doyle, Dr. Margaret Kennedy, Bernard Mulvany, and Maryam Madani

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