What Is Disability Pride & Power?

What is Disability Pride & Power?

We use the term ‘power’ in keeping with other marginalised groups’ use of the term to emphasise the power we have as a collective force to influence social, cultural and political change.

Disability pride and power is a celebration of what it means to be disabled. 

Disability pride and power is NOT a sugar-coating of how hard it is to be disabled in a world not built for us. It does not pose disabled people as inspirational or frame disability as something to be overcome. It acknowledges that coming to terms with being disabled is a complicated and uniquely individual process which often involves loss, grief, and constant adjustment of expectations, especially for those with acquired impairments. Being proud of being disabled means being proud of our community’s resilience and creativity in navigating obstacles and social barriers. While we encourage disabled people to have high expectations for themselves and their lives, we see how social barriers and stigma make it harder for disabled people to accomplish their goals, and we seek to bolster the disability rights movement in removing these barriers to inclusion.

Our Values: