National March for Palestine Saturday 23rd March 2024

The background image is full of Palestinian flags being waved and held high at a march. It is faded black. 
Over this background, in the centre, is the headline "National March For Palestine" in bold red all-caps. Above are the words "End Gaza Genocide, End Israeli Apartheid, Sanctions Now" in white. Below in white reads "Saturday 23rd March, 1pm, Garden of Remembrance, D1- March to Dept. Foreign Affairs, St. Stephens Green." and in red "#IsraeliApartheidWeek"
At the very bottom reads: Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign, and the logo.
Image shows the poster for the National Palestine March by the IPSC, Sat 23rd March 2024

National March for Palestine Saturday 23rd March 2024

We are delighted to finally participate in the next Ireland-Palestine Solidarity March this Saturday 23rd March, 2024.

The Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign are committed to making their marches as accessible as possible for all attendees. Disability Power Ireland are delighted to be collaborating with the IPSC, to advise on, and support, access for their next national march. Please be advised that Disability Power Ireland may not have capacity to provide the same supports for every IPSC march going forward. If you are unsure about attending an event, and wish to check in on a specific support before deciding, please reach out.  

This image shows a very detailed route map in the centre of Dublin with many buildings and landmarks included. 
In the top right corner is a blue bubble with all-cap words in white "National March for Palestine, Saturday 23rd March, Route Map." 
Underneath is another blue bubble with bullet point words in white marking the locations in order as: "Garden of Remembrance (start), O'Connell St., D'Olier St., College Green, Dame Street, Aungier Street (Access Point), Cuffe Street, Stephen's Green (End)"
The route is marked in red along those streets with highlighted locations for the Access Point at TUD Aungier St., the Start Point in the Garden of Remembrance, the End Point at the Dept. of Foreign Affairs, and the Trade Union Bloc Assembly Point at the Mandate Head Office. 
At the very bottom are three disability logos, a wheelchair sign, a neurodivergence brain sign, and visual impairment sign.
Image shows a detailed map of the parade route.

Access Info for Saturday March 23rd 2024:

  • The full march route will begin at the Garden of Remembrance at 1pm, and end at the Department of Foreign Affairs on Stephen’s Green (this is approx. 2.9 km or one hour of walking time). 
  • The Access Point is three-quarters of the way into the march at TUD Dublin, at the junction of Bishop St and Aungier St.
  • The distance from the Access Point at TUD to the stage at the Department of Foreign Affairs is approx. 600m or 15 minutes walking time. 
  • Marchers are very welcome to join the march at either the start or Access Point, or, if they do not wish to march at all, access attendees are invited to gather just before the pedestrian gate into Stephen’s Green on the left hand side as you look at the stage.
  • There will be IPSC stewards available at the Access Point from 1.45pm. They will be in yellow hi-viz and will have a few Palestinian flags with them. 
  • Please note: a wait can be expected, if you arrive exactly at 1:45pm, as it will take an unknown time for the march to reach that point.
  • When the march arrives, the IPSC head steward will coordinate space for anyone at the Access Point to join the march. 
  • On arrival at Stephen’s Green, the access stewards will help to coordinate the group to take up position on the park side, close to the pedestrian access gate.
  • There will be approximately 1 hour of speeches and standing at the end of the march. Attendees are welcome to bring any mobility aids or carry camping chairs if this makes attendance easier. Stewards will do their best to assist if help is required.   
  • Designated Stewards will be in red hi-viz along the march route. These are stewards with a little bit more experience, and they will be able to support in an emergency, or coordinate help if necessary.
  • The march will be very noisy in spots and the speakers at the stage end can be expected to be very loud throughout, so please bring ear defenders or earplugs if you need them. 
  • IPSC will always endeavour to have first-aiders present, wearing green hi-viz, but as first-aiders are also volunteers their presence is not guaranteed. Where available, they will be roaming throughout the march, and be found close to the stage when the speeches have started. You can check with Designated Stewards (in red) as to whether there are first-aiders present, and these stewards will be able to connect you with a first-aider or otherwise request medical assistance if needed. 
  • This is not a masked event but people are welcome and supported to wear them. Where possible, we will have some masks available at the Access Point, and the IPSC stall will also have Palestinian themed masks available in exchange for a small donation.
  • ISL is not expected to be available at this march due to funding limitations. If someone is in attendance, who happens to have capacity to sign on the day, this will be supported by organisers.
  • There are wheelchair accessible toilets along and near the march route in Penneys, O’Connell St., outside Stephens Green Shopping Centre, Marks & Spencers on Grafton St.
  • Please check the weather forecast before coming out, and dress for the Irish weather.
  • Shops are not plentiful on the route, so please be sure to plan ahead and bring any drink or snacks you may require with you, for your comfort while on the march and during speeches.
  • For this week’s march, our volunteer Aoife will help direct anyone who would like a stimulation break to an impromptu Quieter Space in Stephen’s Green, by the stage end of the march. This is why we invite access attendees to gather by the park gates; to allow ease of access into the (relatively) quieter park. 
  • Participants can email with any other access concerns or needs such as sighted support 
Image shows all of the logos for the supporting groups for the Palestine March. A title in red at the top reads "National Demonstration for Palestine" with the IPSC logo in the left corner. Beneath that in green reads "Dublin, Sat 23rd March- 1pm, Garden of Remembrance
Image shows the logos for the supporting groups for the Palestine March